Visual History:

Brown Cannon III

Brown Cannon III was that kid in school who made slideshows of his family vacations. He’s turned that early love of exploration and image-making into a career as a photographer who travels the world shooting the people and places that interest him for magazines such as Travel + Leisure. A life-long surfer who grew up on a ranch in Colorado, his favorite place to photograph is in nature.

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Snaps of Yellowstone Park

Brown Cannon III was raised in a house with a darkroom and stacks of National Geographic magazines. His parents often had cameras around their necks. “I was encouraged from a young age to use cameras to document my friends and family trips,” he says. “These are from an album of pictures I made in Yellowstone Park in1978, I was eight-years-old.”
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Boy Skipping a Rock in the Black Sea

Cannon believes that the simplest moments are often the most meaningful and beautiful. He finds himself attempting to rid his images of clutter so that the central element is direct and without distraction. “This image of a boy skipping a rock in the Black Sea in Georgia is a tribute to the boy energy that still lives in me everyday. It also reminds me of the how important the art of anticipation can be. If you see a moment it is gone, so in order to capture something properly you have to recognize it before it happens,” he says.
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Madagascar, Photographed for Travel + Leisure

Cannon says his biggest challenge—and greatest reward—is translating the connection he feels while shooting on location to the viewer. “Brown has contributed exceptional photography to Travel + Leisure for many years. His most recent assignment, 17-days in Madagascar, an exciting and demanding shoot, is a highlight from our years of collaboration. Brown’s artistic response to each location, whether far-flung or close to home, always comes back on film as a deeply felt connection. This connection to the environment and all of the world's inhabitants “ animal and human“ is what distinguishes him in the industry of travel photography.” —Wendy Ball, deputy photo editor, Travel + Leisure
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Collaboration With Artist KC Lockrem

Cannon is currently collaborating with his sister, painter KC Lokcrem. “I provide her with large scale photographs and then she transforms them with layers of paint and multimedia,” he says.