Visual History:

Jennilee Marigomen

Jennilee Marigomen is a fine-art photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her work investigates the sublime of the everyday, as well as the tension between the natural world and urban life, with a subtle, astute eye that is fast earning her international recognition. Marigomen was the recipient of The Magenta Foundation's Flash Forward Emerging Photographer Award in 2010. The following year, she published her first book, "Seconde Nature," which has been added to the Artist Book Collection at the MoMA Library.



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Pasley Island, British Columbia, 2006-2012

Marigomen used to visit her friend Evan's family island off the coast of Bowen Island, British Columbia, every year. "The secluded private island felt like a sanctuary where time didn't matter," she says. "The same group of friends would visit every year. It felt like our own little summer camp."
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The Work of Andy Goldsworthy, 2009

This is Andy Goldsworthy at River Wharfe, Yorkshire, in December of 1980. "Seeing Andy Goldsworthy's work and land interventions for the first time floored me," Marigomen says. "It changed the way I saw the world, and after studying him, I look at things a little longer."
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Mexico, 2011

Marigomen went to Mexico for the first time in 2011 and fell in love with the pace, the sun and the country's dusty faded colors. "I would walk around with my camera, alone in bliss," she says. "I am currently working on a book for this series, titled 'Window Seat.'"
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"An Empty Bliss Beyond This World," The Caretaker, 2012

"This album feels like the soundtrack of my thoughts," Marigomen says. "Listening to it feels like a nostalgic experience, with pieces of music from the 20s and 30s. The music reflects the artist's research on Alzheimer's disease and the ability of patients to recall the songs of their past, and with them recollections of places, people, moods and sensation."
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"Queen of Tsawassen" by Inventory Media, 2013

This is a book of work by Marigomen and friends of hers, all of whom have also lived in Vancouver. It is published by Inventory Magazine. "We are all very close and have supported each other throughout our careers," she says. "Commonality of place and photographic sensibility combine in Queen of Tsawwassen, an edited collection of images showcasing the work of five emerging Canadian photographers. The title is a reference to one of the original BC Ferries which operated between Vancouver Island and the mainland - a unique region of the Pacific Northwest where much of the book's imagery was captured. Curated by twelvebooks, and designed and published by Inventory, "Queen of Tsawwassen" is a 120-page, hardcover, clothbound edition of 500, featuring the work of Ali Bosworth, Seth Fluker, Jennilee Marigomen, Dan Siney and Chris Taylor."