Visual History:

Todd Hido

Todd Hido is a fine-art photographer best known for capturing contemporary suburbia. For his Visual History, Hido shared some of his influences, among them the model and muse Khrystyna Kazakova and his teenage years spent racing BMX bikes.

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Todd Hido Racing a BMX Bike, 1983

During his BMX bike racing career, Hido, a teenager in this picture, became a four-time state champion in Ohio. Racing BMX bikes is what got Hido hooked on photography. "It made me pick up a camera so that I could start recording events, like skateboarders do now," he says. "If you can record it, then it happened."
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"House Hunting," 2001

This was Hido's first book and a seminal series that established him as a post-"New Topographics" photographer. "This was my entry into the world of books," Hido says. "It's a very cinematic and narrative take on suburban America."
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Todd Hido on Location, 2010

This is Hido photographing Khrystyna Kazakova, a model from Siberia who, during this shoot, became a muse to the photographer. "You can't take the same picture of her twice," Hido says. "She always melds into something else. She grew up in Siberia, and I grew up in Ohio, yet we have a connection."
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Todd Hido at Mississippi State University, 2013

As part of a photography conference at Mississippi State University, Hido was invited to create an installation. Instead of shipping a collection of his work and having it installed, Hido took down everything on the walls of his studio, sent it to Mississippi, then installed the contents with the help of the students. "It was just a recreation of what I had in my own studio," Hido says. "It was much more fun for the students, and much more fun for me, too, because I got to hang out with the students."
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"Excerpts from Silver Meadows," 2013

This is Hido's newest book, and his thirteenth. The photographs in it were taken in and around the part of Kent, Ohio, where he grew up. "I find my childhood and my growing up in suburbia to be a rich reservoir that I can draw from to make my art," Hido says.